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Office of Penrith Lakes

The Penrith Lakes Scheme has been operating since 1987 under a Deed of Agreement between the NSW Government and Penrith Lakes Development Corporation (PLDC). The Scheme enables the managed extraction of sand and gravel from the Penrith Lakes Site to supply the Sydney construction industry. For the past 25 years it has supplied approximately 50 per cent of the sand and gravel required by the Sydney building industry.

The Agreement provides for the transfer of lakes and some lands to the NSW Government when mining at the site finishes as a major parkland and lakes system for the Penrith community and people of Western Sydney. 

Covering some 1,940 hectares, the Penrith Lakes site is located at Cranebrook at the foot of the Blue Mountains escarpment. The plan for the lakes and parkland system comprises a series of lakes including a Wildlife Lake, two Main Recreation Lakes, Regatta Lake, a Quarantine Lake and additional small detention lakes and wetland areas. The lakes will cover approximately 780ha and are comparable in size to Lake Burley Griffin.

The Deed of Agreement allows opportunities for the early handover of parts of the site to the NSW Government where extraction and rehabilitation have been completed.

In 1989, a significant amendment was made to the 1987 Deed of Agreement to bring forward the construction of part of the Scheme to support the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. The Sydney International Regatta Centre, comprising the Regatta Centre and the Penrith White Water Stadium, was constructed, at a high international standard, and transferred to Government ownership in 2001. This land represents the first tranche of lakes and land to be transferred to Government under the Penrith Lakes Scheme and is an important asset to the wider community.

Quarrying has now finished at the site and PLDC is continuing to complete the rehabilitation works ready for transfer to Government ownership.

The NSW Government has recently sought feedback on the Penrith Lakes Parkland Draft Vision Plan.