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Office of Penrith Lakes

Transfer of the Office of Penrith Lakes to the Department of Planning and Environment

The Office of Penrith Lakes (OPL) was established in 2011 within the NSW Office of Sport to manage the NSW Government’s interests in the completion of the Penrith Lakes scheme and develop a long-term vision for the site.

In consultation with stakeholders, OPL and the Government Architect’s Office developed the draft Penrith Lakes Parkland Vision Plan which provides a vision for the future land use of the site. The draft Vision Plan was placed on public exhibition in December 2014 for a period of consultation with the local community, which closed on 30 April 2015.

The many ideas and feedback provided by the community are being carefully considered by the NSW Government in the process of refining a final Vision Plan and considering plans for implementation and future governance arrangements.   This work is also being guided by expert technical opinion on matters such as water management, environmental protection and flooding.  

The Penrith Lakes Development Corporation (PLDC) finished quarrying on the site late in 2015 and continues to progressively rehabilitate the land and lakes for dedication to Government for the future parkland.  This is an on-going process that requires significant lead time to ensure that strict rehabilitation standards have been met as part of the land transfer process.

As outlined in the draft Vision Plan, under the 1987 Deed of Agreement between the NSW Government and PLDC which governs the development of the scheme, PLDC retains the opportunity to apply to develop land for urban use.  Any urban land to be developed will be subject to appropriate planning approvals and take into account flood evacuation requirements and other issues.   

Given the focus at this stage of the Penrith Lakes project is on considering the planning merits of urban development, which will ultimately inform the final footprint of the parkland, the NSW Government has decided that lead responsibility for all planning for Penrith Lakes be vested in the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE).  This will ensure that future proposals for development of the site, including any urban development, will be put to the public for comment in an integrated way that encompasses the whole site. 

The Office of Sport is working with DPE to ensure a smooth and orderly transition of responsibilities and resources.

The Office of Penrith Lakes would like to again thank those individuals and organisations that contributed their thoughts and ideas to the public consultation process on the draft Vision Plan.  The draft Vision Plan is just the starting point and it will require input, ideas, imagination and feedback from the community and stakeholders to transform a former mine to a parkland and lakes system that the whole community is able to use and enjoy over the long term.